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The #1 Underestimated & Underused Business Opportunity!

Just Do It…Right! I consider the Most Underused Business Opportunity in the automobile business to be not having solid processes throughout the entire dealership and/or enterprise. It seems this has always been a problem in the automobile industry and doesn’t appear...

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Dealer Math Test: Data + Thought + Action = Cash

Quiz Take your most popular selling make and model and pick your very best zip code. Do you know how many of those particular vehicles were sold in that zip code in the last quarter? How many of those were used? What year was the most popular? Who sold those vehicles?...

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CRM Leadership Change Required

There comes a time when dealership management teams simply have to exhibit leadership and steer the ship instead of waiting for the currents to drift them to port. I continue to encounter numerous dealerships that have extensive, and I might add in some cases, very...

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Increase Web Site Traffic

Since my firm, Impact Marketing & Consulting Group, began consulting in the e-business realm of our industry, much has changed. Technology has grown, while best practices have evolved. The hottest lead providers have also traded places depending on factors that...

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Customer Relationship Leadership

Customer relationship management has changed the automobile retail industry right along with a multitude of corporate giants. Although lagging in the embracement of CRM compared to other industries, the efforts of dealership teams across the country to more...

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Step-By-Step CRM

Thus far in this series about building a more effective CRM department in your store, I have outlined how to construct a solid CRM foundation that must be present and working smoothly to ensure that the forthcoming processes will be successful. These processes are:...

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Dealing With Objections Properly

My recent article entitled “Are You Converting Opportunities into Accountable Business” took an unabashed perspective into the posture or mindset of the internet shopper and subsequently the elements involved in that process. At the end of that article I offered a...

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Are You Converting Opportunities Into Accountable Business?

Now is a good time to seriously evaluate how we are doing and how we need to improve. On the top of the planning list had better include solid 21st century phone skills. When we look at the complexion of the Internet shopper and what they go through in their process...

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CRM: It All Starts at the Top

For any customer relationship management (CRM) processes to succeed, one factor has to be present and that’s the store’s “top down CRM leadership strategy.” Without this, the odds of a successful implementation dim quite a bit. A change in the way we do business is...

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Process, Process, Process

So often I am asked by dealers and management, “How do we go about fixing our store’s processes and get business back on track?” At one time they felt they had things working but lost traction along the way somewhere. I am usually invited to pay a visit for a one-,...

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Nationally Recognized Training Company

Chuck BarkerChuck Barker, Impact Group CEO is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist for Dealer Magazine, the top monthly publication read by dealer owners. His articles provide solutions for Relationship Management through practical training solutions to implement winning sales team solutions. Dealer Magazine is specifically targeted to dealer principals, managers, and high-level executives in franchised dealerships across the country. His articles also appear on the magazine’s website and in their weekly eNewsletters read by more than 30,000 industry professionals.

Mark Dubis, the first full-time Editor of Digital Dealer magazine said, “Chuck Barker has been our resident expert on all things CRM impacting dealers. His articles provide tips, insights, and instructions on how Internet Managers and dealer owners can improve their CRM process.  Dealer Magazine is very appreciative to have Chuck’s articles in our publications and in our newsletters.” Feel free to contact Chuck with ideas or questions you have by using the form on this page.

  • Take Control of Your Training costs
  • Manage daily progress to monitor your ROI
  • Develop ‘in showroom’ leaders who focus on the tasks at hand
  • Develop the daily discipline to increase productivity
  • Start Receiving Measurable Results Immediately

Chuck Barker has been CEO of his two companies, Impact Marketing & Consulting Group, LLC and Impact Summit, LLC, for the last 24 years, both located in Virginia. His experience ranges from an executive with Harris Corporation (16,000 employees), one of Fortune Magazine’s largest companies, to the automobile industry where he has performed all executive positions. His companies specialize in growing businesses, dealerships, and people. He delivers unparalleled sales & service development programs, management leadership workshop programs, and dealer/principal business & profit improvement ideas for automobile dealerships. He has recently published the first comprehensive ‘in-house’ sales training solution program for dealers entitled The Dealership Success Guide.

If you want a second opinion on any business matter please email Chuck using the contact form on this page and he’ll be happy to give you his honest opinion.

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