Feedback From The Automobile Industry

“Sometimes a sales organization or the leadership team simply needs just ONE thing to gain the necessary momentum which propels them from good to great or from average performance to record breaking. Other times the organization needs a complete OVERHAUL of its culture, processes or sales strategy. Chuck Barker is one of the rare talents that can provide a tailored customized fit – in either of, the aforementioned situations and does so with equally impressive results that drive performance upwards, while steering employee and client turnover downward. Unlike many consulting companies in the industry today, Chuck provides timeless action steps that continue long after he has completed his sessions with the organization. He teaches others to lead from the front, and to do things the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons. Chuck provided the foundation to our Strategic Accounts team that ultimately led to record breaking sales, as well as revenue and profit growth for the team. He is truly a remarkable difference maker”!

Lee Novak

vice President of Sales, Exectras

“As the Editor of Digital Dealer I had the pleasure of working with many professionals in the auto industry and Chuck Barker was one of the standouts. His experience in the corporate world brought a much needed perspective and process driven focus to his many articles in our publication. Based on the many positive responses from readers, I know he really helped many of the dealers move forward with their business practices. Chuck is results oriented and strategic in his implementation of any activity in which he is engaged. If you have a chance to work closely with Chuck, I strongly suggest you take advantage of that opportunity.”

Mark Dubis

Carfolks.com LLC

“As a Dealer in the automobile business I was amazed at what I learned through these new principles. Just when I thought I knew everything about the car business this approach comes along and presents leading edge material that has turned my entire perspective around towards these enhanced sales performance. Great Training!”

Jeff Lang

General Manager

“Through this training, I have learned to be like a corporate executive in charge of my own corporation. It has provided me with exceptional training, a far cry from the stack of old tapes I was forced to view during my induction into the car business with a different dealership. I was encouraged to think for myself instead of just being fed a bunch of tired car dealer clichés. This training was a splendid choice and a valuable asset. Best ever!”


Janus B.

“I felt comfortable and confident throughout the lessons. The choice of materials included spoke directly to our profession in ways that promise to increase our effectiveness as professional sales people.”

Laura Mays

“This class was absolutely the best training I have ever had. I will use the training I received the rest of my life. I know I will succeed due to this training. Thank you for your efforts to make me my best.”

Brandon H.

“Chuck Barker is the best leadership trainer and developer of people that I have ever worked with. His training material is the most progressive and forward thinking in business today. Chuck has a unique way of making employees as well as managers feel comfortable while engaging in his leadership course. I am proud to endorse Chuck Barker as a business consultant but more importantly as my friend. Chuck, I will never forget how you have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and never-ending passion to coach me to greatness!!!”

Eric Bolstad

Director of Fixed Operations, Scott Robinson Honda

“Chuck Barker is an excellent communicator, visionary, and people skilled person. His articles in Dealer Magazine are always informative and to the very heart of the Automotive business. Very detailed as to the insight of the retail aspect and people retention, in sum, brilliant!!”

Pierre Michaud

Manager, AutoNation

“I had been in corporate America for over 12 years before the car business and I can say that this training is by far the best sales training I have ever attended. It puts the human element back into selling professionally. Wow, give me more.”

Scott Anderson

Manager, Honda Corporation

“This material was inspirational and motivating. It was inspiring because it created an awareness of how customers think and the reasons as to why they buy. I learned that buying a vehicle is an emotional decision and customers buy because they like their salesperson and the future of the business lies within customer service and building relationships. We learned how to treat customers with respect and integrity. Awesome class! Let me know when I can attend another one.”


Jessica Attision

Sale Consultant

“This has been a very unique opportunity and advantage that very few companies offer to their employees. I have learned a huge amount of knowledge that will help me in my work as well as my personal life, and everything I learned will be able to go with me into the future.”

Stacie M.

“Chuck is an inspirational leader who has a unique ability to transfer his knowledge and experiences into recommended actions for each individual or corporation he works with. His extensive global management experience allows him to anticipate challenges in the workplace and help his clients develop strategies to overcome the obstacles they face daily. If you haven’t benefited from his consulting services, you are missing out. He is a change agent!”

Hugh Abernethy

Vice President of Sales, Cox Automotive, Inc.

“Chuck, with his strong core values, has helped our company take our business to the next level in many areas. From SSI to Process implementation to complete CRM awareness we have reached top levels in the past years. Chuck certainly practices what he preaches and has brought the word “integrity” to the Automobile business for us. We obtained the Dealer of the year award from our manufacturer after using his services for 4 years straight. Sweet success always…what an Impact.”

Jason Pies

Lead New Car Sales Manager, Johnson Lexus of Raleigh

“Our team has gleaned some great kernels of knowledge about customer relations from a series of workshops Chuck has provided for us. He showed us how to identify the personality types of our customers so that we can better relate to each individual we’re communicating with, create empathy, and provide better customer service. Chuck does a great job of framing these tips as tools to personal growth and career advancement, which creates buy-in, and in turn, benefits our company. He has been easy to work with, he relates well with all of us, and he did his homework so that he had a thorough understanding of what we do and what we needed from him. We’re a small, but quickly-growing machine manufacturing company and taking people off the floor and away from their desks during the workday costs us money. Bringing Chuck in is a worthwhile investment because he has already helped improve our processes”.

Bill Newton

Manager, A.G. Stacker, Inc.

“Having been in the automobile business for 15 years I have been though many training classes some good, some bad. This training is by far the most beneficial I have ever received. I believe it is because the professional material rings so true and is presented in an uncluttered, sensible fashion. Very well done, I get it!”

Tom Moore

Sales Consultant, Chrysler

“With regards to the quality and content of this training; I have been selling cars for over 10 years and I am very excited about the new fresh information I have learned here. This course is the future of selling cars today. I would recommend that anyone considering selling frankly anything invest in this course.”


Carlos Santos

Sales Consultant, Honda

I feel that this training has really put things in perspective. I’ve learned that the process of selling a vehicle is more than just a sale it is a relationship building process. I know this training will help me be more productive and help me grow in every area of my life.”

Vincent P.