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Exceptional Sales & Service Team Training

Basic sales training in the auto retail business hasn’t changed in the last 40 years.  Greet the customer, find out what they need, show the vehicle, take a test drive, and close the sale.  Now throw in the incredible high-speed internet,  consumers with smartphones, comparison technologies, social media conversations, and pressure from third-party vendors that want to “own” the dealer’s customers.  Whew, that’s a lot of pressure on salespeople to close the sale and still hold a good gross profit.

Today’s sales process still has some of the basic foundations, but how they are addressed, how customers are engaged, and nuances of the sales process have changed.  Our program focuses on core communication skills but with a focus on the technology that comes into play today. If your people can’t clearly communicate, listen to, empathize, and engage with your prospects . . . the likelihood of a sale goes way down.

“Our training is designed to accomplish the goal of strengthening your people and processes in the dealership without disrupting your day to day business. We work to fit the learning to your schedule, not the other way around.”

We have a reputation at stake and it is in the store’s growth that we are measured. Thus, we give our all and in return, we ask for the store’s commitment to their desire for growth before giving thought to enrolling in a training engagement.

Our Automobile Sales & Service Training classes are developed for two types of individuals: The “Inexperienced” Sales Person and the “Experienced” Sales Person. Our classes will teach the “New School” Automobile Selling Techniques which will include thorough instructions and role play in the following:


  • 21st Century Communications Dialog and the new ‘Relational’ way to speak with your customers,
  • Turning incoming telephone inquiries into sales,
  • Importance and significance of making appointments,
  • Enhanced communications principles,
  • Role-playing and practice of communication principles,
  • Proper dialog for handling of incoming telephone techniques and getting an appointment,
  • Provide Fresh-up follow-up phone techniques and guides to use on these calls,
  • Handling Objections; Personality conflicts, Vehicle Objection, Money Objection, & Time Frame,
  • How to prospect and really get results,
  • Ethics and Professionalism,
  • Owner Base calls and how to obtain referrals,
  • Paradigms and why we should be interested in new information,
  • Provide professional telephone guides and guest information gathering techniques,
  • Establish red line guest information for phone and fresh-up traffic,
  • The top 100 automobile salesmen story and what makes 2% of them successful,
  • The real Psychology of Selling and how it makes a difference in your business growth,
  • Three ways to grow your personal business,
  • The new landscape in the automobile industry and why we need to change a few things,
  • Unsold Prospects and how to sell this gold mine
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