Dealership Inspection

Good Processes + Well Trained Team Members = Growing Business

Total Dealership Inspection

Just like inspecting a vehicle to yield top performance, my “Dealership Inspection” finds opportunities to expand your profitability in many areas of the store. Essentially, the duties we perform are to first interview the employees to find those hidden ideas buried in their heads then identify and suggest Strategies and Processes to help your team members and dealership experience business growth. Plain and simple, that’s it. I visit you at your store for a one to two day total store assessment/analysis taking an in-depth look at your current processes, paper flow, your personnel’s ability to perform current and new processes, fine tune your good processes, and tell you where you are and show you how to get to a better place.

Below are listed a few of the strategic benefit areas a “Dealership Investigative/Discovery Analysis” will target and help you and your dealership improve upon:


  • Look for and identify additional profit generating ideas which will make you more money
  • Strategies tailored for your people and your dealership to set you apart from your competitors
  • CRM/BDC Needs Analysis, Functionality, Design, recommendations and Implementation
  • Process and paper flow analysis – recommendations made for smoother performances.
  • Management and Leadership Roles required to take the store to new heights of achievement
  • Identify enhanced cost containment areas which will save you even more money
  • Obtain Team Member ideas for Personal, Team and Dealership improvement through interviews
  • Internet Department elements: Design ideas, CRD Analysis, Assistance in Increasing it’s Business Potential
  • Employee Satisfaction and engagement enhancements
  • Increase in departmental efficiency 
  • Lower your Attrition and create better morale throughout the store
  • Identify and recommend what Training and Leadership items are needed for both Sales and Service for full success impact
  • Enhanced Recruiting Principles and Processes
  • Help develop a  Mentoring Program and Processes for your dealership’s growth and stability
  • Employee Sales Related Job Descriptions
  • Business and Marketing Plan Development
  • Service and Parts Department Related Processes
  • Dealer Principal growth advisement ideas, and
  • Various other dealership related issues which need process resolution.

Key Benefits

The Dealership does not have to hire a full time person at a high-end salary to accomplish these tasks. Our corporate professional service is available as often or as infrequently as the Dealership requires our assistance. Thus, it is cost-effective and we offer a pure non-political endeavor yielding a truthful, unfiltered rendering of the strategies which needs to take place to enhance overall dealership growth.

Due to our presence in the Dealership when we visit, we have an awesome opportunity to develop a good working relationship with the employees. This offers a pleasant and helpful working environment to further assist all departments and individuals to grow in the right direction.

We do not intend to be everything to everyone. We take pride in representing Dealerships by being responsive, professional and developing a consistency through our emphasis upon relationship building with your team members. If you wish, we also enjoy supporting your growth efforts by speaking frequently with employees and enhancing the strategies we employed and offering assistance through additional ideas.

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Lets expand the Potential of the Dealership.


We have been professionally assisting Dealerships for many years with success and offering experience which translates to efficient and beneficial assistance to our Clients.

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Our Corporate World experience coupled with the Automobile Business experience makes for a balanced approach to problem solving and strategy correctness. We have seen it all from both sides.

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