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There’s More to Leading than Shouting Commands.

shutterstock_111645815It was once said…”There are a million Managers yet only a thousand Leaders.” Managing is not always Leading. A leader takes the vision and makes it reality! Leaders also work well with people to accomplish the Dealership’s Goals and Objectives. Our Management Leadership Workshops are in demand due to the rising need for leaders in the work place, specifically Automobile Dealerships. We work with the Management Team in developing strong Leadership Skills which translates to a better, more productive, enjoyable, and well-tuned Dealership.

We would never hire a manager who can do the work of 10 people because we are looking for the manager who can properly develop 10 people. If Leaders grow a good, rock solid foundation of people, the Dealership will grow as a consequence. We address the entire Management team including Sales, Parts, Service, and Administration.

Leading requires: Leadership education, experience, confidence, integrity, and influence.

shutterstock_145949543Growth of a Dealership’s people through effective Leadership will provide a well balanced result. Good Leadership enhances employees’ morale and as a consequence, Dealerships have less turnover and greater productivity. Makes for an enjoyable team approach workplace. A Dealership with good Leadership translates to good long-term customer relationships.

“Our training is designed to accomplish the goal of strengthening your people and processes in the dealership without disrupting your day to day business. We work to fit the learning to your schedule, not the other way around.”

shutterstock_202779769Essentially, over the years I have found that most managers have not been given the educational opportunity to be exposed to what real leadership is all about. It has been defined various ways, but I like Napoleon’s the best; “A Leader is a dealer in hope.” He went on the say that if a leader gives hope to their people, that if they make positive improvements and change that their life and business will improve, the people are most likely to make the required changes.

In my Leadership workshops I strive to impinge upon the management team a course of action that will build their people up, build team effort, get more out of the people they now have, define their role as a leader in this business, dealership task management understanding, educating their people, sales process alignment, increasing unit sales and gross profits, reducing attrition, and how to become a great leader.

I like to open these workshops and gain an understanding of what your managers consider their problematic issues, where they feel they need to become stronger, and discussions revolving around our business. Then proceed to curriculums to enhance their understanding of how leadership is the one thing that will grow their people and as a consequence the store.

A few of my “first time” leadership course curriculums which have proven valuable to dealerships are:

Personality Profiles: We conduct a profile analysis on each manager to determine their personality, then teach a course on how to recognize different personalities of their people and customers alike as to address them the way those profiles respond best. In other words, know what buttons to push and which to stay away from.

Remember the phrases; Opposites attract, and birds of a feather flock together. Those are two opposing phrases. We show how these make a difference on the floor and in developing their teams.

Some of the areas we work within are as follows:

Show managers how to pick up their people and keep them up. It goes way beyond the locker-room pre-game speech and instead plants leadership seeds for the manager and their team members.

Define solid leadership principles, which go into the making of a great leader which develops great people. A growing leader grows people.

Engage even the most seasoned manager to adopt some new ways to strengthen themselves as a leader so as to be able to strengthen others. It has to start with them first. In discovering what we need to be looking for in hiring employees, the management team discovers quite a few characteristics they should be in possession of as well.

These are just a few. If you should have a particular situation or concern about your team, I can tailor the workshops around those. Typically we run these in the morning and then again in the afternoon. This way we can get in front of one half of the team at a time and allow you proper floor coverage. The workshops address all departments where there are direct reports to a manager.

For the investment of one or two unit grosses, you can develop leaders to help the team sell additional units per store from here after.

Hope this helps you. I would be more than happy to discuss further with you details. Please feel free to email me chuck@impactgroupcrm.com with your questions or concerns.

Again, our Corporate World experience coupled with the Automobile Business experience makes for a Leadership driven Dealership. We have seen Managers and then we have seen Leaders. We can tell you right now that there is a distinguishing difference in a Dealership which has the latter in place.

Those Dealerships which have instilled Leadership Principles are on ‘cruise control’ and require a whole lot less maintenance in the day to day business practices. They recognize that good effective Leadership has a trickle-down effect on its employees.

It is a sense of professionalism which permeates the workplace and as a consequence has a positive influence on their customers. Which is, of course, what it is all about.

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them become what they are capable of becoming.

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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