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eBusiness Overview

eBusiness is the future of profitability in the automobile industry.  According to the most recent Google study 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to research. Soon nearly 70 percent of new cars will be purchased through car dealerships’ Internet departments, and that number is expected to continue to grow as consumers become more savvy about the convenience and savings available.” The question is, how do you rise to the top and attract potential customers to your dealership vs. your competitors? The solution can be expressed simply as customer-centric ebusiness differential.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in Customer Relationship Development (CRD) strategies and is driven by continual market analysis and research:

Customer Relationship Development. We believe your customers are your greatest asset, and in this industry with high product commonality and increased commoditization, how you view your customers and more importantly how they view you will ultimately determine your level of success. Our philosophy is to enable your success by instituting and instilling a CRD mind set throughout your dealership by conducting a CRD assessment and analysis of your forward facing web site just like your customers view you.  The small adjustments and additions we note will make your dealership “different” in the minds of prospects because we give you the power of Relationship Development which translates to a trust based dealership to do business with.

Market Analysis and Research. We constantly search to identify trends and develop feasible solutions to keep our dealerships ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors. These trends can be as simple as what you can do today to create a CRD look on your site, or as in-depth as customer behavioral trends. Knowledge, combined with application, will enable your success.

Methods for Success

If we have the opportunity to serve your dealership, we will start by assessing your current internet technologies, processes, and personnel. From our experience, each dealership has a different climate and vision. Knowing this, we will adapt your plan for success appropriately to fit your dealership’s culture.

Once we understand what positive changes need to occur, we will put the optimal technology, processes, and people in place. Then, we will work with each component to make the total package operate seamlessly. By creating this synergy, each component can operate at its full potential.

Finally, when your new internet department is running smoothly, we will keep it that way. We will regularly analyze performance and efficiencies, and implement changes with updated best practices as trends change.

To help give you insight into how we implement a successful Internet department, below are some key services we render during implementation:


  •  Find and interview potential Internet department personnel, and recommend the best candidates based on in-depth personality profiling      and screening,
  •  Sales & Phone Training  to excel in the 21st Century art of professionally selling automobiles,
  •  Support the Internet Sales Manager to continually improve processes, solve problems, and move the entire department forward,
  •  Implement clear processes for Internet department personnel to operate in a more efficient manner, enabling better, more frequent                customer interaction,
  •  Monitor process adherence through mystery shopping, 360-feedback, and formal process evaluation sessions,
  •  Observe CRM software data to recommend process adaptation or further personnel coaching and/or training,
  •  Assess current technologies and recommend the most cost-effective plan to dovetail new or existing technologies with Internet department    processes,
  •  Create SOP and e-mail templates infused with CRD language,
  •  Listen to our dealers to make our services dealer-centric.

Industry Opportunity

In a recent study examining 1.1 million Internet leads, 56% resulted in a vehicle sale. However, only 8% of those sales occurred at the dealership where the lead was originally received. In other words, on average, 92% of leads were ‘lost opportunities’ to make sales.


The result of this study is an opportunity for you to be more successful by allowing us help you cultivate the 92% of lost opportunities. So let’s start today! The first step is to break through the paradigm that internet sales will always have a low closing ratio. Once you’ve accomplished that, send us a note in the form below telling us about your store and your goals for your internet department. We are excited to hear from you and about your store; you just need to be excited about success!

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