Impact GroupRecently, I spoke on what I consider one, if not the Most Abused Business Opportunity in the automobile business; “The Incoming Telephone Inquiry”.  I provided some of the reasons why the industry continues to turn in failing grades for this awesome sales opportunity and some corrective measures which need to be in place to ensure success.

Among the correctives were:

  • A solid baseline for 21st Century Telephone Skills training
  • Teaching an understanding of the importance and complexion of this important inquiry’s motives and what they are looking for
  • You have to get creative and add differential attractiveness to your store in order to make your store the store this caller decides to actually pay a visit
  • You must provide an ‘academic think space’ to be able to concentrate and perform well on the incoming telephone inquiry
  • You must be developing and monitoring that telephone incoming processes are in place complete with phone guides (not scripts)
  • Possess new communications dialog techniques

You may ask; “Is that it?” “Is that all I have to do to affect more telephone inquiry appointments and close more opportunities?”  Unfortunately no.  No simple one liners are going to get you there.  What will start you in the right direction however is good solid planning, execution and consistency in this area.  But it doesn’t end there either.

I realize some of this information is considered new stuff for some of you and conversely old stuff for others.  The problem with writing these articles is we have dealerships out there which are at different levels of process attainment, understanding and accomplishments as it relates to CRM structure.

I basically see five distinctly different levels of dealerships:

1)  Dealerships which simply have few to no ‘CRM Processes’ in place.  Everyday is wishing and hoping.

2)  Dealerships which have ‘No Procedural Processes’ in place yet do have some CRM reporting in place albeit using manual paper driven elements to figure out where the business is coming from and going to.

3)  Dealerships which do have ‘Some Processes’ in place yet are using manual reporting elements or non-technology to monitor and assist the business.

4)  Dealerships which have CRM technology up the yen yang but have no processes in place to complement and support store growth.  And, I might mention here; either no leadership or CRM Champion to take charge.

5)  Then, there are the dealerships that have been able to put the whole package of essential elements together and are soaring to new heights.

In searching for the proper way to address the vastly different dealership readers it occurred to me that maybe in some of my articles I may be speaking from outer space to one audience and from ground zero earth to another group.  Then there could be the ones who want to learn the ‘how to’ and those who could probably teach the ‘how to’.

Impact GroupFor those who have been keeping up with my articles you know the cornerstone for making these processes take wing is in leadership.  From the dealer/principal to all managers to the sales force has to be a well defined process strategy and with conviction it needs to followed by all.

I was at a dealership recently performing a enhanced three day telephone skill training workshop.  In that class were sales people who readily migrated towards the improvements introduced through these new strategies.  Prior to working with them however I had worked with the management team and pointed out how we needed to speak differently to our customers compared to the rest of the stores out there who are essentially all saying the same old things.   Then, they got it.  Yes, we do have to do things more professionally because in doing so will in turn generate differencial from our competetors and the prospects will pick up on that and hopefully choose to do business with our store.

Look to enhance and train your team in every area of customer centric touch points with more professionalism and watch what a positive difference it makes.  If you need some ideas send me an email:

Grow your people and your store will grow proportionally.