As someone who has worked in the auto industry for a few decades now, I have come to respect the job that auto dealers do every day.  As technology has grown and become an important part of our sales and marketing process, I am concerned that some dealers have gotten away from the traditional marketing strategies and tactics that made them successful for years.

I have observed a growing dependence on Google by dealers and wanted to do some research to see if this was a good long-term strategy or not. What I discovered during the course of my research was “eye-opening” to say the least.  My goal is not to diminish the value Google provides to consumers and dealers but to share what I learned with dealers, vendors, ad agencies and others whose goal is to help dealers improve their marketing and sales performance.

The information in the report about Google’s past activities has been taken from various media outlets, and the reader can link to these sources to see the actual articles. My conclusions and predictions are based on my years in the business and the knowledge that I have accumulated by working with auto retailers to improve their operations.   I invite you to read the report, evaluate the information presented, and use it as you see fit.

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